Someone Photo-Shopped Images Of PUBG Game-play And Results Are Hilarious


PUBG is one of the most amazing virtual multiplayer action killing game available for smartphones, PC and other gaming consoles.

This game has attained massive popularity in India and recently have released the zombie mode. Someone just photoshopped the gameplay pictures of PUBG with funny Indian images and the results generated are totally hilarious. Have a look –

  • Well, this photoshopped image of Salman Khan driving car in PUBG certainly looks dangerous especially even when the player is reviving his friend. One certainly doesn’t want Salman to drive the car at least in PUBG.

  • Valentine week is around the corner and so is “Bajrang Dal”. I don’t think anyone can escape this organization working for social cause and peace for society. The couples can be seen running from them while Bajrang Dal is catching them on bikes with saffron flags.

  • The man spitting from the car certainly doesn’t need any introduction. This man seems to be from Kanpur trying to spoil the roads of PUBG gameplay with “paan or gutkha”.

  • Manish Pual riding an auto rickshaw on PUBG? Well, this is gonna be a hell lot of bumpy ride but with loads of adventure. This image seriously looks funny and every Indian who travels daily via autorickshaw can relate it.

  • By looking at this pic, “swachh Bharat Abhiyan” should be necessarily implemented in PUBG game too. We need more toilets in PUBG now.

  • This photoshopped image is quite hilarious and seems to be of valentine day. If you have visited a park or any other public place, one must be aware of the scenario created by Indian couples. Wonder what will happen if couples get an entry in PUBG too.

  • When it comes o marketing and advertising, no one can beat Indians. Wonder what will be the names of shops in PUBG if opened by Indian people. Facebook “chaatwala” and Fake SFC are quite hilarious. This will surely give a good chuckle for the players playing this game.

  • When it comes to breaking traffic rules, no one can do it better than us. I wonder what would have been the scenario in PUBG if five or six people would be riding in a single two seated motorcycle.

  • The current Indian market is full of Oppo and Vivo hoardings. Wonder what would happen in the gameplay of PUBG if these two smartphone companies are given a chance to advertise their smartphone devices in PUBG.