PUBG Zombie Survival Mode Is Here, Check Out These 12 Tips For Sure win


PUBG does not need any introduction to the world of millennials who like to spend quality time playing it in their smart devices. For those who are new in this segment, PUBG stands for ‘PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds.’

PUBG zombie survival mobile game

PUBG has just launched its new zombie mode survival version named ‘Zombie: Survive Until Dawn’ and the world is going crazy. Half of the population around the world has already entered and played this innovative game where it offers an alternative world with day/night time zone. This world is infested with zombies and their boss modes.

It offers a limited time to survive and offers more-thrilling adrenaline pumping action for the PUBG lovers. As per the new experiences from the expert players, this new version is more exciting than the classic PUBG survival version.

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Now is your time to become a zombie killer with record points. The controls are almost similar to that of the classic version. Here is what else you have to know to ace the PUBG zombie survival mode on the very first try.

  • Do not waste your ammo to kill the zombies during the day time unless they are attacking. Only a single type of zombies spawn during the daytime and they are extremely clumsy. Save your precious ammo for the night survival time. The daytime zombies have less health than the nighttime dead walkers.
  • Use your melee weapon to kill the clumsy zombies during the day time. It will be easier to kill a zombie using melee attack mode as they do not come in clusters during the daytime. If you want to increase your kill, try using melee more than your stored ammo.
  • A shotgun is used as a close range weapon. A single spread-shot from a shotgun is enough to kill a zombie at a close range. If you manage to acquire a shotgun during the daytime, try not to ditch it. Use it to hunt zombies before you come across some better options.
  • Stocking ammo is very important. At night, you will not be able to see properly so the daytime is the best to collect and stock up ammo. The overall strategy of survival depends on the nighttime action. You should be loaded with ammo to protect yourself from the swarming zombies at night. In fact, the backpack capacity of this zombie mode has been increased. You will be able to carry more ammo than the classic mode.
  • You will be a part of a 4-man team. Always seek a wider space to sabotage zombies so as to confirm a better movement space for all the teammates. Do not clutter the space and keep your options open for maneuvering the situations. The number of infesting zombies will be higher and you might find yourself overwhelmed with their numbers.
  • Do not use the strategy of hiding throughout the day with your teammates until all of you have collected full ammunition for the nighttime fury. In the same context, do not get cramped in a building space.
  • While countering a zombie boss or a tyrant, you will need a stock of better weapons. Killing a boss is not mandatory. You can avoid them also. Only if you want to get Level III weapons, you should take on a tyrant. The boss modes are like big airdrops you enjoy collecting level III weapons from in classic PUBG. The expert tip is to tackle a boss only when you are packed with ammo and armor.
  • Always take on a boss with your peers, not alone. It is very hard to outrun a tyrant and kill it alone. They suffer immense damage and can easily drain your resources without any hassle. All the four members of your team should decide to take on a tyrant and engage it from different directions. Do not get close as the tyrant has the instant acceleration to counter your attacks and kill you.
  • Always spot and kill a Licker. It is hard to kill but the award is extraordinary. You will be awarded extraordinary weapons that are hard to discover on the map. You will be able to find M134 guns, health kits, ammo, etc all in one place. Take the help of your teammates when necessary.

PUBG zombie mode survival

  • Always keep in touch with your teammates and do not stray away from them. Everyone will have a limited space to pack ammo and will need the assistance of the other peers. The rate of ammo depletion is faster in this zombie mode. Just remember that a swarm will contain 10 to 15 zombies at a time.
  • If you are surrounded by zombies and all your teammates are happened to be dead or knocked out, try outrunning the zombies without engaging them. Zombies will follow you for a minute or two and will leave your trail. Try running on a zigzag fashion to outrun them easily. If you get tempted to kill all of them alone, you might be in trouble. There will be no chance of revival when all your teammates are down.
  • Use vehicles even if the map is smaller in area. It will help you and your teammates to collect more ammo by scouting the entire map in no time. The minor zombies can be easily killed by a jeep or a car hit.

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Try using these expert tips from the professional gamers to ace the zombie mode of PUBG. Become a star overnight and enjoy the thrills of playing it with your mates.