Snazzy Clothing Color Combinations for Men with Dark Skin


Men with dark skin are known to overthink before dressing. This causes them make absolutely wrong choices and waste a lot of time. There are many who are confused as to what they should be wearing and what colors they should be choosing. If you have a dark skin then here are some killer color combinations that will suit you and make you look snazzy.

Mustard and white

The combination of a warm tone like mustard with a neutral like white or even grey or black will be exactly flattering on you. You can add accessories with pop colors.

Maroon and black

It is best to avoid contrasting colors for your outfit based on your skin tone. Another option you have is a dark shade of black. The primary black shade will set the base for your outfit and a dark color like maroon will brighten up the outfit without giving much contrast and not disturbing your skin tone.

Pink and grey

Pastel colors radiate a natural glow on any skin tone and hues of pink will be the exact one that will do the same for you. And make sure you pair it with neutrals like grey. And regardless of how dark your skin tone is this combination will take you a long mile.

Black and white

There is nothing that can replace the sanctity of the classic Black and White. It is always best to pair neutral with anything stark but it won’t bite to sometimes pair a neutral with a neutral for change and well amazing combination. It is safe and chic and always becomes easy to put together.


For Dark skin tones, cool colors are a god sent and when partnered with another piece of a cool color it just looks totally dapper. Blue is quite handy and can be worn any day without giving any thoughts and will make your skin look the best. And it will make you look all the more radiant.

(Photo credit: rediff, instyle, thefashionisto)