How to Save Your White Shirts from Turning Yellow


When it comes to clothes finding out that the white shirt that you love and were about to wear has some underarm stain can literally kill your vibe. It is never flattering and whether they are ruining your casual or formal outfits they have the capacity to downgrade your overall look and makes you feel self-conscious.

Sometimes you just cannot get rid of the problem even by washing or taking it for dry cleaning. Here are steps to fight the embarrassing matter and get rid of the yellow stains. Learn the precautionary steps to keep your white shirts crisp, clean and stain free.

Use aluminum Free Deodorant

The yellow stains on your white shirt happen due to the chemical reaction with your deodorants. The aluminum-based compounds present in your antiperspirant reacts in a way that results in yellow stains on your white shirt. You can avoid using your go-to deodorant and replacing it with an aluminum free formulation.

Avoid Bleach

As counterintuitive as it may seem bleach on your clothes can make them turn yellow. This is especially true of clothes with wrinkle-resistant cotton or if there is any polyester fabrication in the clothes. Don’t use bleach when laundering your whites and instead go for a naturally whitening alternative. Dilute lemon juice in boiling water and then soak the stained clothes in the solution for about one or two hours. Later dry it under the sun.

Launder Right Away

The worst thing most of us do is letting the sweat dry in your clothes after you’ve worn them. Dry clean your shirt immediately or launder it. If you would rather hold off on a full launder load at least try to hand wash it right after you have taken it off to keep from stains formation. This is rather easy than letting the stains form and ruin your white shirt.