Rising from Rs 40 per month to building 32 crore empire in Chennai


For this man it had become a matter of survival when he lost his father. He was 17 years when he was burdened with the responsibility of her mother who was his strength but also was illiterate. He had to quit his higher studies forcefully and earn living for themselves. The work would provide him their rent and two time meals.

He started of with nothing and he is the proud owner of a company whose turnover is 32 Crore. Not only that he also has a BMW and a several houses where he has all the plans for a better future. This incredible man started up his journey by earning Rs 40 per month and now he has climbed up the ladder of success with his never give up attitude.

When Krishna Kumar started working he was thrown out considering that he was a minor. Then he found a job of a typist where he used to get Rs 40 a month, and it was not sufficient to pay his rent. Soon he left that job and joined a job where he was managing accounts. This was also not sufficient for him to survive and also feed his mother. He then started working part time in an hospital.

He said, “One job gave me a Sunday’s off and another gave me a Tuesday’s off. So practically i had no offs.”

After constantly searching for a job he finally got a job at a leather export company where he was given Rs 300 per month. He was still working in the hospital. Then he worked in Indian railways for 4 years and eight months but again quit to work in a cold drink company. He finally landed a job with blue dart which gave him Rs 900 and also gave him an opportunity to learn the logistic business close up.

He gave his 100 percent to the company and then in the year 1990 he was promoted as a sales manager within a year of joining the company. He said, “I always used to see Opportunity in things and pursued him with great interest.” By then he was married and he also had kids who were his added responsibilities.

With loads hardwork and Business skills he an account for blue dart of a highly reputed national level bank. His work was all time praised by people around him. People even started to nudge him for starting a new venture. So after some contemplation he launched his own company and invested all his money on making that company public. But being a bad luck, the whole market crashed as the very famous Harshad Mehta scam were uncovered in 1992.

He said, “It wiped out everything that i had. The losses were so severe that i had to sell a one bedroom house that i had bought for my family.”

The Situation was so severe that once he had a coffee of Rs 6 and he only had Rs 5 in his pocket. But this is the thing for winners. Situations and setbacks can never pull them down.

So with his savings of Rs 8000 he built up a logistic company Avon Solutions and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. From a scratch. The MD of blue Dark got to know what happened with KK and he helped him by giving 2 contracts for 4 Employees. He started to stretch the business and started fetching more orders and partnerships.

From Chennai his business spread its tentacles to other cities and achievements began to finally pour in. He said, “I did not know anything but logistics and I knew it by heart.” Today he employs more than 1000 people and his company clocks an annual turnover of more than Rs 32 Crore. He believed in the power of automation and technology which boosted his business and gained him a solid reputation.

He drives BMW and several other luxury cars and has several homes in Chennai. He says, “I think it is absolutely necessary that one must know their domain well. To be honest and perseverant is what I swear by.” Apart from this he had also co founded a tech company in 2010 which he sold for Rs 6 Crore in 2016.

Years ago all his dreams ended at buying a one bedroom apartment for his family but owing to his hard work and persistence he has made his life worthwhile. Now he is planning to live a happy and luxurious life with his family.