The Right Way to Walk In Heels


Every woman wants to learn the right way to walk in heels. You want to catwalk but maybe start with looking like a baby giraffe trying to take its first step. Unexpected tumbles, broken heels and sore feet are all part of learning but it continues to a point you just dread ever taking out those heels and rather want the comfort of a flat footwear.

But lets put your pain to rest and help you know the right way to walk in those daunting shoes.


Like you stretch before a workout, stretch before walking in your heeled shoes because you know it kind of feels the same. Heels may cause your calf muscles to cramp and bulge. And to avoid any health issues take some time to stretch a little.

Follow with the balls of your feet

Try to land on the outer edge of your heel and bring your toe down. Then you can push off through the toe.

Before you walk learn to stand

It is not just your calves that will bear the brunt of heels but your lower back too because heels don’t let it maintain the proper posture. You should hold your head high pull your shoulders back and down and this will restore your posture and keeps your spine in balance.

Put your sole into it

You should go for a heel with a thick sole but not the ones made out of wood or plastic. Leather or rubber is your best bet the extra cushion makes all the difference for a long day in heels.

Slow your roll

You need to make a conscious effort on slowing down and focus on shorter steps. Walking is a second nature activity which makes it difficult to make a conscious effort into doing it differently. But cant just walks like you walk in flats wearing heels.

Always make sure the shoe fits

The biggest and commonest problem with heels could be that they aren’t sized right. The size should fit your bigger foot and the length of the shoe should fit your longest toe and the ball of your foot should be able to rest on the widest part of the shoe.

(Photo credit: wmagazine)