How to Repurpose Your Old Skirts


Maybe you just have too many skirts or that one skirt that you really don’t want to give up on. You want to wear the skirt to places but don’t really think it is up to the mark. How about revamping your short, long form-fitting or flared skirt with decorating ideas?

Take inspiration and recycle your old skirt with appliqués embroidery or even heat seals. Choose the spot on the skirt that you want to style and let your creativity flood. DIYs are all around the place and why not delve into some DIYs ourselves and restyle our old skirts with some sewing and decorations that are in vogue.


You could stitch floral brocade along the bottom hem. Or position leftover buttons extra beads in a heart pattern and stitch them onto the front panel or on back pockets if you have them. To add definition you could use a dainty ribbon to stitch along the waistband of the skirt. Maybe create a skirt ruffle.


You can cut out designs from old tees, create your preferred shape like a flower skull or stars and also according to the width and length of the spot you selected on the skirt to redesign. You can add beads or costume jewelry to the appliqués.


Freehand embroidering or doing it a separate piece of clothing the design ideas are endless. You can go for metallic threads to accentuate skirt panel. Choose a decorative stitch or pattern and you can embroider the stitch horizontally or vertically.

Heat seal

You can create your own heat seal with double-sided fabric adhesive sheets. Then cut out any desired shape remove the covering of one side of the sheet and iron into fabric’s backside for your heat seal. If your fabric is of a delicate material cover the heat seals with a protective sheet before applying them to the skirt as high heat could damage your skirt.

(Photo credit: Pinterest, paul-joe-sister-embroidered-skirt, iheartnaptime, lovethispic)