Relieve Your Period Pain Without Using Pills



We believe that women are super heroes, if you ask us why? The answer is very simple, women have to deal with period cramps and of course deliver a baby when it’s her time. Whether they hate it or, they have to deal with periods. The period problem is on another level for those women who get terrible cramps during periods. Some women are so troubled by the pain that tend to rely on pain killers. If you’re someone who experience terrible pain during periods then here are a few ways you could use to relieve yourself from it without relying on pain killers.


Acidity triggers the menstrual cramp and if you pop in pain killers, it won’t really work. So, first eat food on time and don’t skip your meals because it will only amply the chances of you getting cramps. Eat nutritious food and munch on fruits whenever you feel hungry.

Say No To Caffeine:

Avoid caffeine as much possible, rely on lemon tea, ginger tea and herbal tea. Do not consume coffee while you’re chumming and a few days prior your expected date. Say no to aerated drinks, instead drink more water.

Heating Pad:

When on periods, make heating pads your best friend and you’ll t never regret your decision. It’s possibly the best way to deal with period cramps. Place it on your tummy and relax yourself. For women who are at work or school wherein lying on bed and using a electric heat pad is not possible, then you can get heating patch which is easily available online as well as at a chemist.


Chocolates can do wonders to relieve menstrual pain. It is really good for your health since it has essential minerals and vitamins to relax your muscles that’s aching. Have some dark chocolate it will help you relieve that terrible pain.