Reasons Why Your 20s Aren’t Meant For A Serious Relationship


Being in a serious relationship is just not a bad thing, in fact, it’s commendable how you can manage a serious one in your 20s.

This age of life is crucial where you can make it or break it or can be stuck in the paradigm of finding yourself and making yourself. There is probably a lot of time for you to find the perfect one for you. Therefore live this phase of your life to the fullest.

Though casual dating in your twenties is not a bad idea. In fact, one should definitely try it out once to gain some experience about life and how to just be around another person. So work hard and maintain distance with serious relationships as all serious ones should be kept for your thirties.

So check out Why Getting into a serious relationship is not the best Idea:

You Barely Understand What Love Is:-

Until you have tasted love you might mistake it with infatuation or attraction. Your idea of love basically comes up from couples around you or the pictures you watch. One needs to spend a subsequent amount of time with the person so as to make the relationship strong.

You are still exploring your sexuality:-

At this phase of 20s, a person is sexually active and kinda exploring sexuality, however, it’s nothing wrong in that. Sleeping around and having threesomes or dreaming of one is what people of this age do. But you have to get rid of all that before you commit to someone, as in a serious relationship you can not mess around. Therefore now is the time to explore your sexuality. Go ahead! Now is the time to do so!

The last thing you can keep are promises:-

At this phase of life, it can be a difficult task keeping up promises. You might promise to take her mom for shopping but forget doing that as you are too much into work. You won’t want to be named as a promise breaker would you?

You will probably run away from the idea of marriage:-

The idea of settling down might be seen little bizarre to you. As your life has nothing concrete going on, you are not settled and earning a proper income. So your partner might ask you for marriage and because you are perhaps commitment phobic then going for a serious relationship might be a bad idea for you.

You are still understanding what Millennial dating is:-

Over the years the concept of dating has changed a lot. Earlier the concept of dating someone was organic. Nowadays in this growing technology, people in just a single swipe finding their perfect matches. Therefore Millennial dating is good for this aged as it would tell you how much effort is needed to do a serious relationship and then you might have an idea how it looks like.


You are not ready for sacrifices:-

When you get into a relationship at a very early age then you might have to sacrifice a lot. Maybe 100% in order to make the other person happy. You already have started living your life with a lot of sacrifices and you are not prepared to sacrifice more for someone else. It also might affect your future goals.

You are attracted to almost every woman you see:-

At this phase of life, you are in has something in it. You probably get attracted to every other girl in your surrounding. This is normal and happens to many. But being in a relationship needs full dedication and therefore you should quit the idea of dating in this age. Instead, enjoy your life as you would get a lot of time for finding that perfect one for yourself and getting into a serious/loyal relationship.