Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Turning 30


When you turn 29, you have this bittersweet feeling wrapped with anxiety that you will no longer be in your youth years. The age of 30 has so much stress surrounding it. Especially when you are single and more focused on your career, you have an overwhelming fear of turning 30.

Besides, there’s more to it. No, not to feel bad but to feel great. It is acceptance of the fact that can change everything. Here are few reasons why you should not be scared of turning 30 to really accept it and feel awesome.

You feel good about your work

When you were in your early 20s, you liked your job but it wasn’t as great as you feel about it now. You are more experienced and hence are respected and credible. You make an impact on others at work.

You know your style

As compared to your knowledge on what looks best on you in your early twenties now you are well aware of your style. Now you can even afford the high fashion pieces and combine it with low ones but still, manage to look intimidating.

You know your body

You know very well what suits your body. What will keep you fit and what will make you ill. You know the food items, exercise and healthy habits that your body enjoys.

You are more confident now

More than any point in your life you are confident now. Maybe you eventually get it at 30, but you will never feel as good about yourself.

You have accepted your relationship status

In your 20s being single makes you anxious and hope that by 30 you will be at least in a serious relationship if not married. But with time you have learned to just relax and when you turn 30 you will just stay calm like usual accepting the fact you are not going to get married this year either. Because your friends getting married might be making you jealous but that is not exactly what you want at this point of your life.

You can live alone and with a person

You are pretty settled at this point living alone or living with a romantic partner or a friend.

You are aware of your real friends

At this age, you know who are the people who always got your back and be there when you need them. Those friends are your fam!

Then you have your not-so-good-friends

You have a perfectly pleasant relationship with people who are not your friends but people you see frequently.

If you are single, your married friends will think you are super exciting

Even if on a Friday night you are sitting at home binge-watching your favorite series, your married friends think their single friends are having the blast of a time and they envy you.

You will relate to some really cool people

You will meet some cool, powerful women. And the older coworkers will start being more honest with you because you just get it now.

You won’t feel bad about staying in on Friday nights

You felt like a loser but now you won’t as none of your other friends are going out either. You have other responsibilities like waking up early and hitting up the market for groceries.

You know your limits with alcohol

You know what are your limits now and even if it doesn’t sound fun you know it helps. Sometimes you will break the rules but you are well aware of it.

It is okay if you’re not yet successful

If you haven’t become your definition of success by the age of 30 you shouldn’t be worried. Vera Wang, J.K. Rowling, Morgan Freeman are all names that weren’t successful until they were well into their thirties some even forties.

You own something

Something even as small as a car or house that is all yours is very significant.

You may become someone’s mentor, pretty cool right?

It is said that life begins at the age of 30 and in a way it really does.