Reasons Why Dusky Women Don’t Need To Be Fair and Lovely


Racism, more than color discrimination exists everywhere. You surely have witnessed it happening with yourself or your friends who are not particularly fair and lovely. The dusky women are always made to feel like they are just not enough, some go to the extent of being bullied and teased ugly. Beauty lies in one’s characteristics and ways of perceiving things. Everybody has something to boast about, being smart or wise or good looking. No one is perfect even with the best of looks.

If you are someone who has been treated in an unpleasant manner because of the color of your skin, embrace your natural beauty and learn these facts why you don’t need to be fair and lovely.

Dark skin is healthy

Dark skin is better protected from the damaging rays of the sun. Melanin reduces the risk of skin cancer and has better endurance potential against heat or cold. It also protects the nervous system.

Dark skin appears younger

If you are dusky women you look much younger which means, delayed the appearance of wrinkles, rough skin or dark spots.

Dark skins are considered ‘exotic’

Dark skins look more attractive than the fairer counterparts. Only the insecure people pull the dusky people down however it remains a truth they look highly striking.

Dark skins don’t need much makeup

You can do with a little or no makeup. You have the naturally blessed warm colored skin. A little liner and lip gloss and you are all glamorous.

Dark skins don’t show up much skin damaging

Any skin damage doesn’t really show up on the colored skin. You don’t need much concealing, contouring or highlighting, which saves you a lot of money, time and effort.

Embrace your color

When you embrace yourself people will appreciate it too and respect you for your confidence in your own skin. And if you come across people who bring you down for your complexion cut them off your life. You need to find people who love you for who you are.

(Photo Credit: Buzzfeed, Giphy)