Read This If You Regret a Lost Opportunity in Life


You know how hard it is. That person you couldn’t impress, that job you couldn’t get, the promotion you missed. We are in a constant phase of regrets of the things we lost in life. How things could have been different if you studied something else in college if you could get into the university you desperately wanted admission in if you never parted ways with the friends who were once close to you and met you daily.

In life, you need to understand we won’t be able to have everything we want or everything we feel can make things better for us in the future. But we feel that it is so unfair that things are taken away from us what the heart desired the most.

However look around and consider the fact that maybe, it was meant to be. Maybe you had to lose an opportunity so that it paved the way for you for something better. What we want is sometimes not always the best thing for us. Maybe you are destined for a larger and much better plan. Everything happens for a reason.

Lisa Kudrow who played the role of Phoebe Buffay on Friends and immortalized the character with her earlier career face a huge setback. She was an aspiring actor in the cutthroat world of showbiz and was fired from the famous American sitcom ‘Frazier’. The show was one of the most successful American television series and won 37 Emmy Awards in the period of 11 years for which it aired.

She was heartbroken and devastated and most of all doubted herself. Maybe the acting career wasn’t for her. Maybe she chose the wrong profession.

She was depressed when life spiraled south. But Lisa persisted to give life a chance.

There were many opportunities then that knocked Lisa’s door and she lost some more. Eventually, she was cast as Phoebe Buffay in ‘Friends Like Us’ which is now well engraved as ‘Friends’. If she was on the show, ‘Frasier’ she wouldn’t have been on ‘Friends’. Rejection proved to have opened the door of a success story for Lisa.

There are many such stories of rejection that has only allowed people to move closer to their dreams. A lost opportunity is the way of your destiny of letting you know there is something better for you around the corner. So don’t look back with regret look ahead with a lot of hope.

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