Raghu Ram, a Bullied Teenager who Became the Icon of Young India.


Raghu Ram is commonly perceived as the loud hot-head and abusive reality show judge who scare the hell out of those to try to mess with him.

His signature beard style and bald head are famous. He has a crazy fan base and easily one of the top youth icons of the country.

But, what is undiscovered about him is that Raghu Ram too had his own mutilated backdrop that added to his stronger and righteous character. And, which is no less inspiring.

Image Credit: HT Photo

Raghu (and his twin brother Rajiv), back in their school days, were ragged and bullied by their classmates. Their raggings were brutal and they skipped schools just to avoid being bullied.

At college, Raghu felt that the education system was weak and a degree cannot define their future. So, he left the college and joined MTV India in the early 2000s.

I left my college. Found the educational system highly incompetent. Then, we [Raghu and his brother] joined MTV as anchors, and later co-founded Roadies. Abusing at Roadies is not at all baseless. If you follow us, you will know that we shout to idiots who think their moral code is the universal statement. We shout at those who shout at others. To make a difference, we channelize our anger.

The anger Raghu is talking about is for the bullying class, whom he had endured since the very childhood.

Since then, the man is known for his vocal opinions and extreme reactions to orthodox mentality. His life shouts to us that to bring a change, you have to become one.

Some of his followers also criticize him for his reactionary approach towards issues and abusive content in the shows. But when asked, Raghu replied-

Don’t BE afraid of situations or people. Be strong. If you are right, people will criticize you for sure. Let them speak. A lion does not concern himself with the opinionS of SHEEPS

With his rebel attitude, liberal takes on social issues and unique style statement, Raghu has TRANSFORMED HIMSELF INTO THE youth icon of young India FROM A NOVOICE TEENAGER.

He is the senior supervising producer at MTV India and the executive producer of reality television shows MTV Roadies and MTV Splitsvilla.

Currently, he is hosting MTV Dropout, with his brother and other judges, which is a reality show based on start-ups.

He is also associated with the Aam Admi Party at Human Resources.