How to Quickly Make Up With Your Girlfriend If She Is Mad At You


‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’? This is an infamous phrase since the biblical times probably as men struggled to make their women happy! A woman loses her cool more often however there are few simple ways you can actually bring her back in a good mood quickly. Its all about aligning your thoughts with her and she will be right back from her red zone. The process is all about stepping lightly and treading slowly.

Unless you have been unfaithful or disrespectful there is a high chance you can easily make up with your girlfriend. All that a woman actually needs is a little pampering good acknowledgment and a bit of a guilt from the man who dares to do her wrong.

Here are ways you can easily and quickly make up with your girlfriend.

Never second guess the problem

As for the problem why she is mad you sure should know it but if not straight up ask her. Don’t ignore her when she goes on a string of nothing is wrong. If you ignore her she might just on a ‘you don’t care about me or my feelings’ roll.

Acknowledge how she feels

Women want to be acknowledged and if she’s upset because you did or didn’t do something then acknowledge it and discuss it with her. Just apologize if you are in the wrong and then calmly try to explain her your side of the story.

Hug her tight

Yeah, when she is fuming you might be confused and scared but fret not just give her a big ol’ tight hug. This will either, calm her down, or melt her and she will start hugging you back, so in short, it’s a win-win.

Just let her be

In some cases, women just need some space. If any of the above ways aren’t giving you any green light then maybe it’s your cue to just let her be and give her time to process the situation and calm her anger. Make sure you tell her that you are giving the time to her to it. She will appreciate your ways and definitely come around.

Do something nice for her

You know sometimes diamonds aren’t the only way women actually love something more organic from their men. An act of love or gesture like taking her out to her favorite restaurant or cooking her something she loves. Your effort in trying to make her moods lift will be never be forgotten and this will overpower the reason she was angry.

(Photo credit: Popsugar, videezy)