How To Pull Off Pastel Colors


Pastel colors can be described as soothing, soft, milky and desaturated. The typical pastel colors are baby blue, pink and mauve. But girls still wonder how the best way to wear these colors is.

Whether you have to be a complete fashionista or a simple girl next door to pull these colors off? Here’s a guide to wearing pastel colors without going overboard.

Pastel Pants

Wearing pastel pants can be ageless. Pair it with a neutral color top like gray, white or black. Make sure you go for a color depending on the pastel color you chose. Wearing heels or pumps of the same color as your pastel pants but in a darker shade will really produce a successful outfit.

Pastel woven top/ sweater-

A pastel woven top with a white short is the perfect match. You can even go for a skirt bottom with prints. However, the white shorts option is the simplest way to rock for anyone.

Pastel blazer

This is a perfectly unique way to wear pastels. However, it won’t necessarily suit all. It might not be as formal if you wish to wear it for corporate events. If you really want to work it at the office, you may go for light colors to pair it with. Lilac, yellow and blue are some of the pastel colors suitable for a blazer.

Pastel Bags and Shoes

Bags completely change the statement of an outfit. Pastel bags have the great potential to enhance the look of what you are wearing. It can be used daily with any colors. For shoes, pastel pumps and converse are the best. You can team them up with any colors and would work just fine.

Pastel Lips

It can be completely bold or a subtle statement for your entire look. If you are willing to wear bright lips, radiant orchid lips can be the perfect option for you. However, if you are looking for something subtle baby pink pastel color will work wonders!

Pastel Nails

In case you feel that pastel is really not something that suits you, how about wearing pastel nail colors? You can try many pastels when it comes to nail polishes as there are endless options waiting for you. You can even have different colors on each fingernail just to go a little fancy and it won’t even come up as gaudy as pastels are soft.

Don’t you feel anyone can pull off pastels? Now remember do not ever wear all pastels, it will be a damaging scenario. The underlying tip is to rock the pastel look with confidence.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest,, Picmia, Fashion Gum, Wheretoget, Flickr, Globeandnail.blogspot)