Products (to be launched) that prove the coming Apple Keynote to be the biggest Keynote ever!

The biggest Apple keynote of 2017 is just a day away and according to the rumors, it’s going to be one of the most memorable tech events in years.

It has been almost confirmed that Apple is gonna release three damn new iPhones this year along with a bunch of other new hardware products and software announcements that are also on the docket, making this a keynote an un-miss-able one!

Here’s everything Apple will likely reveal on September 12:

Apple iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone X

Amidst the surfacing rumors about the screen type, camera alignment, Fingerprint sensors etc., this new set of iPhones has indeed enraptured our curiosity and built the massive hype it is going to cater on September 12th. The new set of iPhones are supposed to feature a dual camera set up, a new Apple CPU and GPU along with iPhone X having a full body OLED Display.

Apple TV 4K

Apple’s brand new TV is going to come in 4K/HDR video support, improved Siri functionality and more storage

Apple watch 3

Apple Watch 3 is anticipated with a better processor, better software, improved battery life, built-in GPS support and upgraded water resistance that lets you take the Apple Watch 3 for swimming.

It is also supposed to come with the Watch OS 4.

Mac OS High Sierra

Named after the famous mountain lines of California, this update is supposed to bring major changes regarding File System, Metal 2 and Media with a more optimised battery life and performance.

iOS 11

Though the latest beta version of iOS 11 is reportedly unstable, this upgrade is highlighted as one of the most significant updates in the history of iDevices. The update is supposed to bring a revamped user interface which will replace the notification panel with something Apple calls Cover Sheet.

On the functionality front, Apple has increased volumes in terms of privacy, locations and tons of unannounced features that should unveil on September 12th.


Basically, a Bluetooth speaker with a Siri controlled mechanism and a bitten Apple on front. Moreover, it is Apple’s answer to Amazon’s Echo. Apple has also announced to have some exciting hidden features inside the package, which only September 12th will tell.

Now that, with all these information, we can safely assume that this is gonna be one of the biggest Apple events ever! So, why wait… mark the date: September 12th, 2017.