New(est) Leaks Suggest the New iPhone to be named as iPhone X


Apple’s newest and craziest phone’s name is still a mystery- that whether it will be the iPhone 8 or iPhone X or just iPhone or something else entirely…

But the latest packaging and an online does hint something really evident to it. And, though the date is not that far, it’s always handy to have some extra early bytes!

According to a new leaked retail packaging, it seems that the upcoming smartphone will be named as iPhone X.

The leaked packaging was first shared by LetsGoDigital, which shows a brand new iPhone retail box.

Interestingly, the name written on the side of the box is iPhone X, which somehow confirms that one of the upcoming iPhones would carry the ‘X’ moniker.

The ‘X’ might be the Roman representation of the number 10 which would highlight its special tenth-anniversary launch or can have a rather more subtle underlining to it!

The original modern Mac developed by Steve Jobs was dubbed as OS X. So it would be only fair that Apple names its 10th-anniversary special edition to the origin of its glory.

And, it would also be the aptest way to tribute Steve Jobs by launching the most advanced iPhone ever on the project that he first laid his hands upon before becoming a Silicon Valley legend.

Though it is still pretty unofficial until September 12th, 2017, we can put our best bet on this X moniker to keep out fogs clear until Apple officially sheds the good light on it officially.

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