These Are Popular Slick Hairstyles for Men


Men’s hairstyles have evolved tremendously over the years. Men looked neat and dapper with the undercut hairstyle trend. Then there are men who rock the man bun with such class. There were undercuts and fades too; pompadour will be huge too, so here are some of the top slick hairstyles to try.

Low Fade

This style has to offer a lot starting with making your broad or round face look more slimmer and allowing your facial hair blend easily with your hair. This hairstyle has the version for every hair length.

Medium Fade

Mid fade starts right above your ears and isn’t that skin exposing but it is the most popular fade style. It is due to the contrast in hair length is not at all polarizing for the eyes.

High Fade

High fades are eye-catching. This hairstyle will keep your top hair long and cut your sides as well as neck very short. This ‘do’ will be striking and one can clearly see the harsh distinction in the hair lengths.

Faded undercut

Celebrities from Zayn Malik to Shahid Kapoor are all endorsing the undercut. The skin fade sides that increase in length towards the top are flattering for every face shape. This hairstyle can be styled easily with any normal pomade.

Disconnected undercut

This hairstyled is derived from the shape of the horse shoe. It starts from the edges of your hairline and goes up to the back of your head. This style can elongate and slim your face down so be careful of where you want the disconnect from.

Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour has shorter sides. In most cases you can get a fade too. Avoid going overboard, you don’t want to look too hip.

Man bun

You can carry this hairstyle with any look formal or for the evening outing, gym or for a weekend. This hairstyle makes you look totally classic and is totally not feminine if tied the right way.

Side parts

They are easy, clean and versatile. However definitely calls for a regular visit to your barber.

(Photo credit: Pinterest, Men’s hairstyles)