How Petite Girls Should Wear Oversized Pieces


The petite ladies have to hem all their jeans. They wear heels twice the height and worry to roll up their sleeves of their coats thinking how weird it would look. It is not easy to dress with a petite frame especially during winter when you need the extra fabric but more of oversized and boyfriend style pieces are in vogue.

Let’s take a look at these styling tips for wearing the oversized pieces when you are just 5’4” and under.

Have a balanced silhouette

When you want to wear a chunky sweater dress pair it with over the knee boots for slimming or skinny jeans as bottoms to balance the extra bulk on the top. Alternatively, you can wear a form-fitting tee up with wide leg trousers or a flowy skirt. Remember one oversize piece per outfit.

Belt everything

A belt can be a petite lady’s best friend. Baggy sweater or oversize coat belt it all. Make sure you are tying it around your waist exactly. The idea is to define your curves and so pull all those fabric in so that your figure doesn’t get lost in all the material.

Go for a feminine look for the rest of your outfit

Oversized clothing pieces especially things like blazers can feel masculine and overbears on your tiny frame. So to add feminity rock a floral dress or frilly blouses with large boyfriend style pieces.

Go for cropped and high waist style

Big sweaters will swallow your short frame. Look for styles that actually highlight your waist and are higher up to give definition to your middle. Pair it with high rise pants or high waist skirts.

When in doubt just tuck it in

Any oversize piece looks 10 times more flattering when tucked around the waist. It will highlight your narrow middle. This also goes for too long button downs flowy blouses and crew neck sweatshirts.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)