People Of Kashmir Living In Fear After Air Strike By IAF


On the morning of 26th February, there was a new enthusiasm and energy in the air of Jammu as people were excited by the air strike conducted by Indian Air Force. For whole night, the sky of Jammu and Kashmir was buzzing with the noise of aircraft of Indian Air Force. People thought that it was a part of training exercise but were even also worried that the war has started. Indian Air Force smoothly destroyed the terrorist camps in Balakot region of Pakistan and even violated the norms by entering the restricted airspace. In this air strike, almost 1000 kilograms of bombs were dropped off and leaving hundreds of terrorists of Jaish e Mohammad killed.

Ahmed a local resident told that his children were crying at night due to the noise made by the aircrafts all night. Almost every person was awake in his village due to the noise and they had feared that war may start any soon. It was even reported that not only IAF but the aircraft of Pakistan were also hovering in the sky all night.

According to a video released by BBC Hindi, a local man of Balakot could be seen explaining the horrific air strike conducted by IAF for almost 10 to 15 minutes. According to him, they were sleeping peacefully until they got up by listening to the noise of aircraft and loud noises of explosions which completely destroyed the camps of Jaish e Mohammad.


On the morning of Tuesday, the city’s “vegetable market” showed more than normal visitors and traders who made the essential purchases for proper storage of food grains. The biggest wholesale grain market in the city, the Warehouse-Nehru Market opened its shops around an hour ago that the usual opening timing. This was all because people had the fear that war can start anytime and even Pakistan had given threats to retaliate.

After the reports of people getting fear and gathering essential items for surviving a war in the Kashmir Valley, National Conference President Farooq Abdullah spoke to Home Minister Rajnath Singh and appealed to take steps to convince the public that they are safe. Party vice-president Omar Abdullah told that he told the Home Minister about the stressful situation of the valley where the situation has worsened between different kinds of speculation. Just after the air strike by Indian Air force, Imran Khan has issued a threat to India that they could attack anytime and have to face the consequences.