Parents Of Abhinandan Welcomed By Warm Gesture At The Airport, Abhinandan To Be Released From Pakistan Today


It is a dream of every parent in their life that their children have so much name and fame that people respect them. It is worth mentioning that at the Chennai airport, people got excited when the Parents of Wing Commander Abhinandan Vardhaman of the Indian Air Force boarded the plane to Delhi. Several people and passengers showed a warm gesture by clapping hands and even stood up for showing respect towards them. The brave Wing Commander of Indian Air Force will be released by Pakistan today due to high international pressure.

All the official work has been started by Pakistan to release Wing Commander Abhinanan on the Attari-Wagah border. In Pakistan, the Indian High Commissioner has completed all kinds of formalities and paperwork for the well-being of the Wing Commander. Pakistan Foreign Office may further issue its statement for further action.

The top officials of the Air Force are about to reach Wagah Border to welcome Abhinandan. His parents will also reach the Wagah border situated in Amritsar. It is also worth mentioning that a huge number of people have reached the Wagah border for a warm welcoming. The whole Wagah Border is filled with energy and tricolor. People of India are so excited that they are standing on the Wagah border from morning to get a glimpse of the brave Wing commander of the country.

Abhinandan Vardhaman

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has also made it clear that Wing Commander Abhinandan will be released later this afternoon on the Atari-Wagah border. According to sources, Pakistan was seeking the release Abhinandan during the Beating Retreat program, but India insisted his release before the program. The Beating Retreat Program is organized at 5 pm at Attari-Wagah Border. According to sources, his release will be done after 2 PM.

36-year-old Wing Commander will come to the Wagah border by the officials of Indian High Commission from Pakistan. It is notable that Abhinandan’s family has been serving the nation for almost three generations. His grandfather, father, and his wife have served the Indian Air Force. His father served the nation at the time of Kargil war as an air marshal and his Grandfather worked in the Air Force during World War II.

Abhnandan was captured by the Pakistani army when MiG-21 aircraft of him crashed on the Pakistan border during the air strike. It is striking to note that brave Wing commander of Indian Air force Abhinandan shot down the fourth generation US-made aircraft F-16 with second-generation aircraft MiG-21.