Lies Of Pakistan Busted By Indian Army Chiefs, Strong Evidence Shown To Whole Nation


Between the tensions between India and Pakistan after the Pulwama attack, today a press briefing by the generals of all three armed forces in Delhi’s South Block took place at 7 PM. Earlier, three aircraft of Pakistan Air Force had violated the Indian airspace and stayed here for three minutes. Pakistan tried to attack Indian military establishments. In response to it, The Indian Air Force sent 2 MiG-21 and 3 Sukhoi-30 to give a strong response. MiG’s pilot shot a Pakistani F-16 However, during this one of our MiG crashed, which led to the capture of Pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan to Pakistan. In response to all the events, all the three army chiefs gave the following statements in the press conference.

Major Statements by the Indian Air force –

  • Indian Air Force has strong evidence that may terrorist camps of Jaish e Mohammad in Balakot had suffered heavy losses. There is still no approximate figure on how many terrorists were killed.
  • Pakistan used the USA’s F-16 aircraft and its missile wreckage was found in the Indian region.
  • Pakistan has earlier said that it has two pilots of India in possession, but by late evening their lies busted out and they said that only one pilot was in their possession.
  • The pilot was captured by Pakistan from the LoC.
  • Pakistan’s F16 planes tried to target our Indian military establishments but failed miserably.
  • MiG-21 aircraft of the Indian Air Force shot down Pakistan’s F-16. The wreckage of F-16 was found inside the Indian territory.
  • Air Force is quite happy that Wing Commander “Abhinandan” is returning to India safely.

Statement of the Indian army –

  • Pakistan is continuously violating the ceasefire on LOC but India is giving a strong response to the Pakistan terrorists and army rangers.
  • The whole region of J&K is on high alert. The Indian Army is ready to answer any terrorist activity by Pakistan.
  • Indian Army won’t stop fighting against terrorism and will still continue to target the terrorist organizations and terror camps.
  • In the last 2 days, Pakistan has violated ceasefire at least 35 times.

Statement by the Indian Navy –

  • The Indian Navy is fully prepared for any sort of situation and is ready to give the response in the land, air, and water.
  • Indian Navy is ready to co-operate with the Indian Army and Navy.

Evidence showed by Army chiefs to give strong proofs of involvement of F-16 Aircraft –

As far as the evidence is concerned, Pakistan has only one type of aircraft, which can carry missile similar to the wreckage found and that is US made F-16 aircraft. The pieces of that missile were found in the Indian border near Rajouri. This clearly indicates that Pakistan has used F-16 despite the warnings given by the USA.

While speaking on the air strike in Balakot, the chief of Indian Air Force stated that they have destroyed the terrorist camps in Balakot effectively and submitted evidence to the government. It’s up to the government when and how they will release further evidence of air strike. The whole videography of air strike on Balakot has been done and is expected the clip will be released shortly.

The Air Force has advanced technology to detect the type of enemy aircraft. Every aircraft have a unique electronic signature which can be detected by the Indian radar system. The signatures received by Indian radars clearly confirms that F-16 was used and brought near Indian territory.

Prior to this essential press briefing, there was a meeting among Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and the three Army Chiefs. Earlier the press briefing was going to start at five o’clock, but as soon as the news of the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan broke, the time of the press conference was changed to seven o’clock.