These Outfits Never Fail to Impress a Woman


You might have tried to decode what impressed a woman about a guy in the first meet. You think maybe the looks, the way he talks or the way he carries himself. Let’s just say its all combined. And so dressing style plays a key role in all of it. The first impression has a lasting effect and wearing good clothes becomes crucial to impress a woman.

The best is to be prepared and know what outfit combinations can never fail you. Here are some combinations that you can try whenever going on a date and impress her.

Blue trouser and blazer with white t-shirt and sneakers is a color and clothing combination that looks very semi-casual and classy. Top it off with some cool blue sunglasses and a statement watch.

For a very cool looking outfit, t-shirt with denim jeans layered with leather jacket and sneakers are the best combination. In short, it is about adding a leather jacket to your everyday jeans and t-shirt to make a style statement.

Being in the cool zone, denim shirt with jeans with sneakers can be an alternative to the above combination. With zero effort you have very snazzy attire.

Black trousers and blazer with printed t-shirt and formal shoes give you the chicest look. The printed t-shirt balances the rest of the formal pieces.

Men look the most dapper in a simple plain white shirt with grey trousers and black formal shoes. With very little effort you look very impactful.

Or go for a printed shirt and denim jeans with white sneakers.

If you are thinking about a date in a fancy restaurant you need to take your outfit up a notch. Grey double-breasted blazer with grey trousers and white shirt and formal shoes can be a perfect combo.

For an alternative to the above-mentioned scenario, you could go for a floral shirt instead of white with off-white trousers and blazer partnered with sneakers.

(Photo credit: Instagram, Pinterest)