Outfits That Are Flattering On All the Body Types


You should always dress for your body type. But is easily said than done. There are days you can’t be bothered to accentuate what body type you resemble, pear or peach. For such days you may rely on this handful of outfit ideas that flatter all the body types.

Long Vest, Pleated Midi skirt, and a blouse

This is the best outfit that creates an illusion of an hourglass figure and also is a success is hiding insecurities. Tuck the top in and let the full skirt narrow in at the smallest part of your waist. The long vest will skim over your hips and thighs that create a streamlined effect. You can finish the outfit with nude heels or wedges for to give some extra slimming benefits.

Flared jeans, button-down blouse, and wedges

If you want to look taller flared jeans is your buddy. These pants make the hips and thighs slender. Partner, the outfit with espadrille wedges for more practical effects and you can trust its walkability.

Fit and flare dress with a belt

A belted waist makes everything look better especially a dress that is fitted around the torso and is flared out at the hips down. V neck works perfectly for all bust sizes as it gives good coverage but also highlights the upper collarbone area. Find a neutral colored belt.

Breezy dress in a cropped jacket

Flowy and tent dresses don’t do much for your figure even if they are the most comfortable and grace over your body. Top it with a structured cropped jacket. Let the hem touch the waist and break the silhouette to not appear as though you are drowned in the fabric.

Black cropped pants and belted blazer

For the businesswoman or corporate ladies cropped pants have a lot of benefits. A hint of the ankle is always flattering and black is very much slimming. When you pair it with a belted blazer you look, office as well as weekend appropriate.