These Outdated Men’s Fashion Rules Are Still Totally Stylish and Relevant


Fashion is an industry that surely has a lot of rules. The rules may be silly and questionable. So how about we kick the rules! Listed below are outdated men’s fashion blunders that are still considered totally stylish now.

Blue and Black don’t go together

This stems from a stupid notion that similar looking colors don’t complement each other. But that doesn’t stop us from wearing grey with white or sea green with blue. This is absolutely a new form of street style. Just remember not to pair navy and black when you are trying to define lines in your outfit.

You cant wear denim on denim

Double denim is now totally in vogue and street style bloggers know it well. It can easily go wrong but if you can make the double denim work then you can go all out. You need to have a contrast between the top and the bottom. The shirt or jacket should have a contrasting color or texture from your denim trousers. A light-hued pair of jeans can be paired with a chambray shirt. This is an outfit that makes you look effortlessly cool.

Brown shoes cant partner basic navy or black tux

There is no doubt that brown shoes partner well with either grey or black or navy suit as they are neutral and will balance the overall appearance. Brown shoes, which can be dark or chocolate brown colored when paired with black will give you an edgy look and highlight the blue color when brown shoes are paired with navy trousers. For a formal, black tie, cocktail event black shoes would be ideal.

Just a watch is enough to complete your outfit

You need to evolve with time and try experimenting. Experimenting with accessories can boost your confidence. A scarf is an accessory that is unconventional yet very efficient. Scarves are practical and add a layer of elegance to your outfit without creating a fuss. You can even try wearing a pocket square, gold metallic watches, or even fedoras.

White socks are dull

We are not considering the white socks with trainers or runners but socks which can be paired with derbies, loafers, and plimsolls. For the right look, wear your socks with trousers with a shorter size or jeans that are rolled up from the bottom to emphasize the thought-out look.

Real men don’t wear pink

This is not true at all. You can take inspiration from Brad Pitt or Prince William who wear pink like a boss. The color has only proved to accentuate their masculinity. Pink goes well with any kind of trousers.

(Photo Credit: meanwhileinawesometown, The Idle Men, Pinterest)