She Is Not Just a Sex Worker’s Daughter but a Dream Achiever


Ashwini, who was born in a brothel to a sex worker knew nothing about the world than just what her surroundings had to offer. She dreamed of a better life and a better tomorrow, she avoided everyone as much as possible, her mother, the pimps, haunting hostel memories. Now, she made through New York University with a full scholarship.

Her mother assaulted Ashwini time and again leaving her black and blue. Ashwini did not have any other person to help in this world and her mother passed away soon never able to see her daughter grow up. In the devastating grief, Ashwini held on and found strength and chose the right path to follow.

When Ashwini was 8 her mother sent her to an NGO where Ashwini was beaten by the teachers. The Christian hostel would beat her up for not following the rules and made her starve for days. She took the abuse for 10 years. A ray hope shined as some of the inmates ran away to take other care shelter named Kranti.

Aswini was suggested to join too and she followed to escape from the hostel. This was the best and beneficial decision in her life. Kranti helped them learn through therapy dance and art as well as other forms of healing. Ashwini after learning things herself volunteered to help other kids. She brought the techniques to Tata Memorial Hospital. There she helped children teaching them various art forms who waited for their cancer treatment.

These art forms helped the children to express their fear, troubles and hopes easily. Over the past two years, Ashwini traveled to West Bengal and learned theater, Himachal learning photography and Gujarat volunteering with NGOs also to Delhi to help Dalit communities.

Her experiences made her believe that she could be an art therapist and work to help others who had difficulty in expressing themselves. To achieve this dream of hers, she applied for New York University and got in. Her complete tuition was covered with the scholarship. This marked the change in her life from running away from things like police who trying to drag her back to the hostel she ran away from. This was her chance to live a different life.

(photo credit: Rediff, Topyaps, laughing colors)