Nokia Launch Its Exclusive Smartphone With 5 Rear Cameras


Nokia 9 PureView has been officially launched at the event organized in Barcelona on Sunday during Mobile world congress 2019. This smartphone was in headlines and a matter of discussion taking place over the last few months. Its features and specifications came out on several occasions and were even leaked. However, the company has made an official launch of this device while interrupting all the discussions.

Nokia 9 PureView has been launched at a price range of $699 (around Rs 50,000). This sleek designed smartphone will be made available in fewer selected markets from the month of March. At present, the company has not stated anything about this model’s availability in the Indian market. However, last year at a similar price Nokia released Sirocco 8. It was launched in India last year at an effective price of Rs 49,999.

The most astonishing and impressive part about this smartphone is that there are 5 cameras in its rear side. Yes, you read it right. Nokia stated that the cameras of this smartphone are advanced enough and powered by artificial intelligence. Not only this the coated glossy design and the flagship level snapdragon 845 processor has also been provided.

Specifications of Nokia 9 PureView –

  • The most significant feature of this smartphone is the availability of setup of 5 cameras given on the rear side. With so many cameras, automated LED flash and AI-powered laser auto focus are provided. All the five cameras are of 12 MP and three out of five cameras have monochrome lenses, while the other two have RGB lenses.
  • This smartphone is furnished with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. This is a high-end processor and is the latest version of Qualcomm. However, Qualcomm has previously launched the latest Snapdragon 855 but 845 can be considered a high end faster processor too.
  • The RAM given in Nokia 9 PureView is 6 GB.
  • This smartphone has 128 GB of internal storage. Since this smartphone has 5 cameras installed it is specifically designed for focused photography. In such a condition, pictures will be sure of greater size. The use of such huge storage of around 128 GB will unquestionably sufficient for the users.
  • This phone will operate on Android 9 Pie operating system and is available with 3320 mAh battery.

Nokia 9 Pureview has been designed in partnership with Zeiss and Light. The custom processing chip is designed with Light that makes the clicked photos unique and of high quality. This smartphone also supports Qi-wireless charging and has a metal glossy and glass body. Earlier Samsung has come up with the concept of wireless charging which was quite innovative.