New South Wales Partners With India, Announces $1.5 Million Investment In The Startup Sector


The New South Wales (NSW) Premier Gladys Berejiklian is on a trade mission in India, between 16 -19 April, as per media reports.


Berejiklian has announced a two-year $1.58 million partnership between NSW and India to enhance the State’s startup, technology, and advanced manufacturing sectors. The announcement was made in Mumbai at accelerator Zone Startups. This would enable the NSW entrepreneurs and technology businesses to have access to new markets, talent, and knowledge.

As per the announcement, the funds will be used to send NSW young entrepreneurs and startups to India to learn from the country’s best and brightest, to support commercial connections between startups in NSW and India and on fostering collaboration on advanced technology projects.

Commenting on the development Berejiklian, said,

“NSW is Australia’s startup and technology capital and this partnership will ensure our industries grow alongside one of the world’s most dynamic technology markets.”

She added that NSW is home to 44 percent of the nation’s startup founders and 40 percent of the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry.

“This partnership will provide NSW businesses with incredible access to some of the best entrepreneurs and technology experts in the world and I look forward to seeing the results over the next two years,”

the NSW premier said.

India’s collaboration with other countries for startups

Last month, Estonia’s Entrepreneur and IT Minister, Urve Palo was in India for a week-long trip covering Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai. Her trip to India yielded positive results for our country as Minister Palo talked of a fruitful Estonia-India partnership in the IT sector.

Estonia is home to several globally known startups like that of Skype. The country had taken to e-solutions and almost 80% of its population makes use of the internet in the everyday lives. Startups ranging from that of cyber-security to smart cities, drones, and 5G thrive in Estonia.

Minister Palo believes that a collaboration with India would be a win-win situation for both the countries.

As per reports, Estonia requires around 7000 IT professionals immediately. The country has invited the IT specialists to come work there.

The partnership with Estonia also has in store a lucrative e-residency programme. The e-residency programme gives the startups in India to be an e-resident, i.e. they can avail Estonia’s e-services, irrespective of where they are located. Estonia already has over 30,000 e-residents from 152 different countries of which 1,200 are from India.

This would be an ideal opportunity to help the startups with their business and take it to the global platform.

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