Narayan Murthy, the Founder Of Infosys Had Once Failed To Get His Admission Into the IIT


Narayan Murthy is a name that has now become synonymous with Indian IT sector’s growth and dominance.

Being the founder of Infosys, Murthy is a messiah of any B.Tech holder’s placement aspirations. But this successful businessman was not born with a silver spoon either.

He was rather born in a middle-class family. His family condition was average and the boy was bought up with the same middle-class dreams- to be an engineer.

Luckily, Murthy was inherently interested in technology so to be an engineer, he successfully cleared the entrance exam of the Indian Institute of Technology.

However, his aspirations saw a downturn when he couldn’t get his admission into the apex college of engineering in India, due to his family’s financial constraints.

Since his father could not afford the fees, he joined a local engineering college and got a degree in Electrical Engineering.

As he completed his B. Tech, Narayan quickly grabbed a national scholarship and joined IIT Kanpur for his Master’s degree and decided to opt for a career in IT.

When I could not get into IIT, I felt bad. I had really worked hard for the JEE. So, in all those years of graduation, I had developed a vision- to be one of the leading names in the tech industry of India. To be a boss rather than being an employee.

With that determination he found Softronics. But the venture didn’t work due to lack of demand and surplus supply.

Later Murthy realized the customer orientation and with that, he co-founded India’s largest home-grown multinational tech corporation, Infosys and is known as the father of Indian IT Sector.

Infosys had a simple objective. To make IT even simpler and easy to the end consumer in India along with among some profits.

When you are going to a competitive space like the tech market, things should be very crystal clear to you and to your customers. Complexity deprives any business venture.

Narayan Murthy is also included among the list of 12 greatest entrepreneurs ever born by Forbes Magazine and has also been honored with the Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri Awards- two of India’s highest civilian honors.