Men’s Guide to the Only Products They Need To Nail Hair Styling


After hair cut which your hair stylist takes care of you have styling which you need to take care of most of the time. The styling part leaves most men worried. After the professional hair cut it becomes your duty to style your hair the way you got it cut.

Gel, wax, and spray are some of the styling products that you can use and available in the market which makes it equally tough to choose the best ones for your hair.

Here are the hair styling products and how you should use them.

Hair gel

Hair gel will provide you shiny, brittle finish. You can use hair gel on damp hair. It gives a strong hold, however, is not ideal if you want your hair standing vertically.


The foamy textured product can make your hair look shiny or matte and hard. It can clump hair mildly and help you if you want vertically standing hairstyle. You can run it through damp or dry hair.


This putty like product can make your hair firm and gives a matte finish. Your hair clumps and will hold strongly. You should take the required amount of it in your palm and rub it until it smoothens out and then put through damp hair using only your fingertips.

Hair putty

This product can make your hair soft to firm and gives a matte or shiny look. It can be used for holding hair but is not optimal. You can apply it with the same technique as fiber.


This product has slippery texture and it gives the hair matte finish. It has soft and flexible hold and can be applied the same way as Fiber.


This thick and putty like product make your hair soft, flexible and shiny, however, some can give a matte finish as well.


Serums are usually runny and give very soft and flexible finish. It provides slight shimmery texture to hair. Mostly used for long hair to prevent frizzy look. It can be run through dry hair.

Hair Spray

It provides a stiff and mildly flexible texture. Provides a little shine. It keeps the hairstyle in place. You should spray on finalized hair style. More use will give a glossier look.