Men’s Guide to Buying the Perfect Wallet


Every man needs his wallet. No one wants to see you scramble out notes from your pocket, especially your date. Even if you have a pocket full cash your impression is still bound to go south. Wallets wear created by humans so that you can save yourself from such scenarios.

If you don’t have a wallet or have purchased one and not been happy with it, here is a guide for you to buy the perfect wallet for yourself.

Buy leather

You will never go wrong with leather. Leather rules for men and leather wallets are not just classy but have a charm and are durable. You usually go for cheap ones but in fact, end up spending more money as the cheap item cant handle the daily wear and tear. The leather is timeless and adds sophistication to your style.

Bi-fold wallets

These wallets can be carried everywhere from the office to parties with friends. These fold in half and have separate pockets to manage your cards.

Business card case

Business card cases are slim and sleek, light alternatives to the bulky wallets. These have many pockets and usually are made especially for business and credit cards. These are mostly available in leather. But if you put some efforts in searching you might find card cases made up of stronger materials in the market as well.

Safe and secure

Money clips help you keep the money safe. These are wallets that you may purchase for its practical purpose as they offer easy and free access to cash as compared to the traditional bifold wallets. They don’t even stuff your pant pockets.

When buying a wallet you need to consider comfort appearance and the practicality of the wallet. You should invest in a set mostly for its usability. Give some good thoughts to one before purchasing.

(Photo credit: Pinterest, thecoolist, giftsforprofessionals)