Men Should Stop Wearing These after Turning 30


There is no thumb rule as to what men should and shouldn’t wear after turning 30. But to keep things interesting for you just like your 20s. It was all cool to experiment with your outfit as much as you like in your 20s.

Even if you failed to put together something elegant it was cool because you were just experimenting. But now in your 30s, you should have a clear idea what makes you look more classy and avoid certain things that you are sure won’t compliment your style according to your age.

Let’s take a look at things you men shouldn’t do once they turn 30.

You haven’t lost your youth just because you turned 30. Don’t wear an attitude that shows that you are growing old.

Don’t wear huge prints like prints with huge motifs. If you haven’t yet then this is a good time to bring in some sophistication.

Avoid skinny pants as the fit of your pants also verifies your physical as well as mental age. Also, at the age of 30, you don’t want to end up looking like a boy who is a trend freak.

Avoid the too high collars. If you are someone who prefers bandhgala then you should not wear too high collars after turning 30.

For the corporate men avoid wearing two button suit and instead start wearing one button suit to break the monotony.

If your work allows you not to shave then don’t shave as at this age a little stubble would suit you and your appearance.

Every time you go out avoid sporting a bold fragrance. Make a responsible choice and keep the ones around you in mind.

It was cool for you to experiment with the phone covers when you were in your 20s but avoid the bright colored phone covers now. It doesn’t belong here.

Don’t wear white shoes, please. The time and age have come to an end.

And pink socks? Need we say more?

(Photo credit: nyt, honeybuy, pinterest, thejeansblog, askmen)