Men Don’t As Easily Get Over Lost Love as Women


Men take a longer time to get over a breakup than women. Some of the men never get over it at all. You may display on social media pages that you have moved on hanging out with your friends or possibly some new and hot women, letting the world think that it is just a hookup but deep down trying to find a mate who can replace the one you broke up with.

If you think otherwise here is a proof for you to believe. A study conducted by Craig Morris of the University of Birmingham found that men are likely to feel the loss deeply and for a long time. He takes time to sink in that he must replace what he has lost or worse realize the loss is irreplaceable.

When a relationship comes to an end, a woman’s universe tumbles down. But she consciously or subconsciously has planned ahead. By nature, a woman has already imagined marriage, children as well as old age. Her plans still exist even with a severed relationship which is why she quickly moves on. She is conditioned to seek support and with the advice and support from her friends or close ones she is able to accept the breakup and gets over. The dependence is not weakness and she consistently seeks help till she can finally know what the relationship lacked or what she lacked and never repeat the mistake in the future.

Now when it comes to men, well they hardly are able to deal with it. He keeps feeling the hurt especially if he ended the relationship himself. In our society men are not taught how to deal with sadness and instead display aggression as a healthy sign of masculinity. It is not a man’s job to cry, right? They talk once or twice with their guy friends and that is all. They just tell each other than it is just a girl if one goes away there are 100 others to replace her.

The men never get a chance to have a healthy discussion about the relationship that ended or learn from it and goes on to create more damage. He finds measures to heal his ego and move on. He tries to mask the hurt by quickly finding another girl and put up a façade of cheerfulness.


This is the case where generally they end up with someone better or have a number of hookups or completely shut out women spree. Men see fault in other women and are completely disheartened as they have not yet introspected about the last dead relationship.

What men are left with are memories, a broken heart and there is no recovery. Some involve in self-destruct behavior such as alcoholism, smoking, or even self-harm. The conclusion would be for men to be more open about how they feel. They will be able to deal with breakups in a healthy manner. Because otherwise you will be forever stuck in the past just to avoid temporary judgment.

(Photo credit: businessinsider, Giphy)