Men Can Look Super Attractive With These Totally Simple Grooming Tips


So men really don’t care about having a grooming routine however it still has a great significance. There are certain things that you have to do to look decent enough. And there are few simple and basic tips that every man should know to look truly attractive.

A great pair of jeans

A great pair of jeans has more power than you think and we are talking about slim jeans, not skinny jeans. Your jeans must be body conforming but not cut off your blood circulation. These jeans are helpful because they make one look taller and leaner. Buy a size larger and get the waist drawn by a tailor to do the trick in making slim jeans and looking exactly how you want them to.

Little Eyebrow grooming can do wonders

If you don’t want to go to the salon to get done threading or wax it is okay. But a unibrow is going to take your image downhill. Tweeze a bit of that bush for stable clear and two sets of eyebrows.

If you cant grow beard then don’t

Patchy hair will make you look slouchy let alone good looking. If your beard doesn’t grow then stick to clean shaving.

Classic Old Spice or Brut is better than any Axe deodorant

Nothing smells as manly as the classic old spice or Brut deodorant, however, Axe makes you smell like a desperate guy who is just puberty stricken maybe.

Trim your nose hair

It may not be as bad but girls notice every shit so go ahead and use a trimmer.

You are not a cave man so get rid of the neck hair

The neck hair is clearly gross looking, pubes like hair which you should definitely get rid of. And also, the hair at the back of your neck.

Treat your bacne

Replace your regular soap with a tree tea oil body wash to help you solve the problem. If it doesn’t help then you should pay a visit to the dermatologist.

Trim your beard when it is dry

Hair is longer when wet. So trim it when it is dry to not make it a close shave.

Avoid using soap on face

If your face is tight and flaky and makes it worse when you wash it then you should try and stop using soap on your face. For a normal skin, you can go for a regular face wash, and for oily an oil-free face wash. Moisturize your face skin daily.

Don’t pop the pimples

It is so satisfying to pop an annoying pimple and get rid of it right? But consequently, you get gifted a scar and also increases the chances of causing skin infection making your skin worse than it already is.


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