Make Your Basic T-Shirt Look Stylish


After his favorite jeans come his favorite t-shirts. For everyday and casual look men always go for a comfortable t-shirt and jeans. For some, it’s like a regular outfit. This outfit is the most basic clothing every guy has in their wardrobes, so how can you turn things around to make it look stylish.

What are the things you should consider while shopping for a basic tee

The Fit

The fit is always the underlying factor that most should keep in mind. You need to consider your body type for the appropriate fit as perfect fit is the only thing that attracts attention in a basic t-shirt.

The Fabric

Fabric is another vital factor in buying the ideal t-shirt. There is no way a poor quality tshirt will any way make you look stylish. You should feel the fabric to understand its quality and the fabric should immediately make you feel comfortable and good after you try it on for it to be an instant purchase.

The Color

Colors make the complete statement. You need to choose something that suits your skin tone. However, the essential t-shirt colors that you must own are white, black and gray.

Here are the ways you can make your basic t-shirt look stylish

This one may be quite obvious yet significant. A pair of classic denim is the best match for the t-shirts to look highly stylish.

You can kill the monochrome dressing look by wearing a single color outfit.

Basic t-shirt with shorts is another stylish bet.

You can get the smart casual look by pairing a t-shirt with a blazer or shirt and jeans.

If you want to have club night outfits with your basic t-shirt pair it with a leather jacket.

Experiment by wearing a t-shirt under a formal blazer and trouser.

You can even replace your formal shirt with a casual t-shirt to look classy and stylish.


(Photo Credit: Pinterest)