Lost His Mother Just Before His Under-19 Cricket Debut: Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja

 Ravindrasinh Anirudhsinh Jadeja, or just, Ravindra Jadeja is perhaps the most loved and witty cricketers around today.

But this young rockstar of Indian Cricket Team was born to a nurse and a security guard in a one-room section of a government quarter.

Right when Ravindra was struggling with lows of his life due to financial hardships, he met a life-shattering experience.

Mother’s loss is something nothing can possibly compensate. But, the loss has been the most important driving phase in Ravindra Jadeja’s life.

Though Jadeja was all passionate about cricket right from his childhood, when he suddenly lost his mother at the age of 16 during a major kitchen accident, he lost his interest in the game for some time.

Nothing was clear then. And everything suddenly got secondary. My poverty, my loans… everything… even my cricketing career.

-Ravindra Jadeja, at GQ

That incident shook him so much that, he also considered leaving the cricketing career which hadn’t even actually begun.

But then when some days passed, he thought to give it a try and not to give up on his dream. 

And in the same year, he made his first appearance as an Indian cricketer in the Under-19 2005.

Then, he became the vice-captain for the Under-19 World cup in which he played an important role by taking 10 wickets in 6 games at an average of 13.

Jadeja made his first first-class debut in the Duleep Trophy 2006. 

Later in 2012, Jadeja became the eighth player in history, and the first Indian player, to score three first-class triple centuries in his career joining the likes of Don Bradman and Brian Lara.

His international debut came in the final match of India vs. Sri Lanka series on 8 February 2009 where he scored 60 (not-out).

And then, we all know what has happened.

And, in March 2017, Sir Jadeja became the top ranked bowler replacing RC Ashwin who held that position for a very long time.

It is not only inspirational but also heartwarming to see a guy who lost his mother, rising to become one of the best international cricketers of all times.

As Mr. Funnybone says:

Pehle to khaane pine ka thikana nahi tha. Aaj jitna bhi kuch paya hai, maa ki hi duaayein hongi.

(Earlier, we did not even have the food to feed ourselves. Wherever I am today, must be because of the blessings of my mother.)