Living on Her Own Terms and Conditions: Inspiring Story of Kanika Tekriwal


The doctor having told this young 22 year girl that she had CANCER and very little time left, shuddered her for sometime but couldn’t make her weak and helpless. For Kanika, “JetSetGo” Founder and CEO, life wasn’t that easy or a cake-walk. She travelled across the country for a very long time, meeting number of recommended doctors. All through her struggle days she actually got to know how to have positive minded people around, which was another tough task, and she achieved both.

JetSetGo is apparently India’s first and potentially the only market place for private planes and helicopters that empowers the clients to search and sanction aircrafts across India. She began her organization in the year 2013 and since then there has been no stopping. Air travel in India has grown more than 20% and the country carries the potential to overtake the U.K. as the world’s third-largest aviation market by 2026, according to the International Air Transport Association. Kanika describes the company as the “Uber of the skies” and says the proclaimed that average net worth of her customers is $100 million.

Meet Kanika Tekriwal, a business visionary who is a persistent follower of expectation, inspiration and drive. Her vitality is irresistible. A marathon runner, a painter, a voyager and more, she is reclassifying her life consistently. Kanika Tekriwal is from Bhopal and an alumna of the Jawaharlal Nehru School, BHEL. She completed her graduation in Mumbai and MBA in England. Kanika’s organization oversees resources worth about $70 million and contracts running into $20 million.

JetSetGo has been productive since the beginning, and right now works with an edge almost 11%. The youthful entrepreneur’s way has been definitely not direct. She has combat stereotypes all through this small tenure of her venture. JetSetGo is an interactive innovation driven stage empowering clients to pursuit and search aircrafts and helicopters crosswise over India. As of recently JetSetGo, has had on board very nearly 80% of India’s private jet fleet.

So how does JetSetGo function? So if you wish to hire an aircraft, you can go to the site and top off your prerequisites, post which you will be taken to the list of available options. The site further provides details of the aircraft and its operations. All the more, the organisation is tip-toed to provide you with an awesome experience. This youthful business visionary was likewise highlighted in the ’30 under 30′ achievers of Asia rundown in the Forbes Magazine.

“I think that kind of made me fearless,” Tekriwal said. “Throughout the treatment…the one thing that kept coming back again and again to me was now you can do anything in the world.”
Three years later, she did and started her own venture “JetSetGo”.