Life Lessons To Learn From Harry Potter


Harry Potter has not only been our best childhood memories but also one of the most inspiring coming-of-age fantasy fiction ever written!

In its magical world, it makes you rethink several perspectives of life and lessons you on things that are noble and worthy enough to be learned. Along with the intriguing story of an orphan child making his way to become the best wizard this world has ever seen, it is also full of wisdom and related metaphors.

Today let us dive into what incredible life lessons the magical story of Harry Potter teaches us till its very end:

Friendship And Love

Harry Potter is nothing without Hermoine, Ron and his other friends. He became the boy-who-lived by evading the death curse, only due to selfless love and extreme sacrifice of his mother. Every quest of his life is accompanied and backed up by sacrifices and contribution from his loved ones. Moreover, despite the extreme resemblance in their characters what set Harry apart from Lord Voldemort was his compassionate attitude and loving nature towards people.

And thus it makes us realize how important love and friendship are in our lives as well. Without friends, we are nothing more than a barren island. So, doesn’t matter what, friendship and love are the biggest treasures of life.


Bravery is the essence of one’s life. Harry Potter is no man with muscles or some extraordinary talent except for breaking his school-rules.

But what sets him different is his bravado and courage to face the darkest of his demons. And bravery is not just about fighting or winning, but it comes in various forms- even in the form of self-actualization or winning the demons within your conscience.


Harry Potter is at times betrayed by the most trusted of his allies or is backed up by most ignored options in life. So, it tells us how people can surprise you in either way.


One of the best parts about Harry Potter is that he isn’t all mighty. He is at times helpless and weak. And he acknowledges his weaknesses by calling for help. He is never shy to admit his plead in difficult times.

That in turn, makes him see real faces of his proclaimed allies.


Remember The Goblet of Fire? Harry was rejected by his first love interest due to which he had to settle on Patil sisters at the Yule Ball! Moreover, he finds his final stop at Ginnie Weasley, his best friend’s sister.

So, it makes us take in that heartbreaks are sometimes inevitable. And, sometimes matters of heart don’t go as planned. But we (sooner or later) always find that person who is meant to be.


Darco Malfoy’s entire house was doomed because of their flare for money and materialistic approach to life.

So, money isn’t everything. In fact, obsession with it can doom you. Take it sincerely but not seriously- let go if it doesn’t come and work hard enough to earn whatever you are deserved of.


Harry Potter entire plot revolves around conquest over the greatest fear of his life.

J.K. Rowling emphasizes on ruling the importance of overcoming your deepest fears by facing them. She notes death as the biggest fear of one’s life but the inevitability to face it one day.

So, the best way to overcome your fear is to bravely accept its existence and then move on from it.