Li Ka-Shing: Asia’s Richest Man With a Whopping Net Worth of 34.2 Billion USD!


Li Ka-Singh is a Hong Kong based business tycoon, also an investor, and philanthropist.

Reportedly, the 89 years old billionaire is the richest person in Asia today.

But Li was not born with a silver spoon. And, like many success stories, this one as well, begun with a tragedy.

Born in China, after his father’s death, Li had to quit his school to support his family even before he turned 15.

He started working early, and after months of searching, he settled at a plastic factory for a day job.

There he used to work for sixteen hours a day. His net average sleep used to be of not more than two to three hours on weekdays.

On weekends, I used to nap for four hours. Because, factory used to remain off on Sundays.

After years of spine-wrecking hard labor, he gained some savings. Though the amount was not very high, he somehow started his own company, Cheung Kong Industries.

His growth as an industrialist is a matter of case study in many business colleges and his biography is listed as One of the Most Inspiring Lives in the Modern Industrial History by Fortune.

As per a Harvard Business School case-study notes:

From his humble beginnings in China as a teacher’s son, a refugee, and later as a salesman, Li provides a lesson in integrity and adaptability.

Through hard work, and a reputation for remaining true to his internal moral compass, he was able to build a business empire that includes: banking, construction, real estate, plastics, cellular phones, satellite television, cement production, retail outlets (pharmacies and supermarkets), hotels, domestic transportation (sky train), airports, electric power, steel production, ports, and shipping.

When questioned upon his phenomenal growth and his way of making an empire out of nothing, he says:

Hard Work, dedication and vision. These three things conspire your success.

Today, Li’s business(es) expand into almost every local consumer segment, ranging from electricity to telecommunications.

The Cheung Kong Group of Industries employs over 260,000 staff and operates in over 55 countries worldwide.

And, with a net worth of  34.3 billion USD, he is today the richest man of Asia.