These Are Latest Ways to Dress Girly


Dressing girly might make you think about oversized hair bows or matching sweater sets or go all for pom-poms. But if you want to dress girly here’s a modern way to do it. Here’s how can you achieve the femme aesthetic.

Subtle ruffles

Flouncy details can be the most fun thing to twirl around in. But large ruffles might look a bit juvenile or add unnecessary volume wherever it’s not needed. Find a piece with strategic waves that offers movements but is very flattering in places such as along the hemlines, at the ends of sleeves or atop pockets.

Delicate jewelry

Dainty rings elegantly layered necklaces and tiny earrings feel much more feminine than heavy chunky chains or gemstones. Little pieces of silver or gold can take any neutral pieces from okay to pretty.

Moody florals

Every girly girl must have flower prints in her closet but they need not be in pink and purples necessarily. There dark and moody versions of pastel buds available that are easier to integrate into outfits that are more of professional or grownup setting.

Reduce obvious pinks

Maybe you are identified as girly because you wear pink quite often. Instead of the more predictable hues of pink like hot pink skirts and blush blouses go for subtler pops of color like rose sunglasses, magenta straw bag or pink mules.

Pencil skirts

This office appropriate girly style of a piece of clothing is great for showing off curves or even creating some. Add ruching, wrap details or flirty prints to make you look more modern at it.

Bell sleeves

Princess puff sleeves are really not something you should be wearing. Women working as Belle at Disney World? Maybe yes. How to embrace this silhouette in the best way? Go for wide bell shape that even makes a menswear-inspired shirt look feminine.

Slim fit booties

The sleek and slim ankle boots are just as femme as your pumps. Go for tight fits just like a sock and then stock up on colors that your heart desires. Yeah, maybe even pink!

(Photo credit: Pinterest)