Know When to Tuck In Your Shirt and When You Can Keep It Un-Tucked


Most of the Indian men are unaware of the ways to wear shirts and mostly fail to wear it appropriately for different occasions. And the cause of failing is because they really don’t understand when to tuck a shirt in and when to let it loose. All men would agree that they face difficulty in getting it right.

Here’s the answer for that you have been waiting for.

Formality of the Occasion


You should first understand the occasion you are heading for. What and where is it being held? If the occasion is extremely formal then wear your shirt tucked in. You should only experiment if there are no strict dress codes. However, generally formal occasions mean that shirt should be tucked in. On informal occasions, you can afford to keep your shirt untucked.

Style of Shirt

When you have a formal shirt to deal with you should keep it tucked. But with casual shirts you can go for whatever look, tucked or un-tucked as per your preference. Shirts generally are best untucked, but if you are wearing formal trousers tuck in the t-shirt to look more stylish. Same goes for polo t-shirts.

Paired Item

It also depends on what you are pairing your shirt with. Trousers call for tucked in whereas with jeans you can experiment. When you wear shorts generally it is cool to keep the shirt untucked. But if you are pairing the shorts with formal blazer and shorts go for tucked in.

Hem of the Shirt

If the hem of your shirt is straight you should keep it tucked in. If it is curved you should keep it loose.

Length of the Shirt


Keep the shirt untucked when your shirt ends at the fly. But when it ends below the fly you can tuck it in.