Know The Meaning Of Different Colored Milestones You See On Indian Roads


    Milestone is a type of stone that tells us the distance of a place from a certain point. There are different types of colored milestones in the roads of India which you must have come across. The color of the milestones may vary for national highways, state highways, street lanes and highways connecting the villages. Let us look at the meaning of these colored milestones and what they represent –

    Green milestone 
    When you see the milestone of a green strip on the side of the road, it means that you are on the national highway, but not on the state highway. In India, when roads are manufactured by the state government, green milestones are used and maintenance of these roads is done by the state completely. The length of the state’s highway in India is about 150,000 km and it is administered by states for easy inter-connectivity in the cities.

    Black, blue or white striped milestone
    When you see a milestone which has a black, blue or white strip on the side of the road, it represents that you have entered a major city or district, at the same time, these roads are maintained by the district government. These roads are also even maintained by the administration of the same city.

    Orange colored milestone
    When you see a landmark with the orange milestone on the side of the road, it means that you have entered a village area. This orange milestone may even represent the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.

    Yellow striped milestone
    While walking on the road or while driving, if you see a milestone with a yellow strip in the upper part, then it is known that you are traveling on the national highway. This means that yellow painted milestones have been established on national highways of India.

    National Highways (NH) are the main highways of India that provide connectivity to all cities and states. NH is maintained by the Indian government (i.e., NHAI). National highways are 70,000 kilometers long and NorthSouth-East-West Corridor (NS-EW corridor) and Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) are also connected by these highways.