Know the Habits of the Highly Stylish Women


There are very few people who can be considered as a human of genuine style. Surely when you drape yourself with the coolest labels you might get the boost of sartorial gratification but in no time those clothing pieces will become obsolete and you will feel compelled to keep up with the fashion trends. However, still, there are many women who fall prey to this cycle.

Then you will come across some bloggers who look highly stylish and interestingly aren’t covered from head to toe with labels. Rather the most stylish women know how to style the non-labeled pieces in a way that their complete outfit is enviable and blistering.

These women are the genuinely stylish ones from whom you should take fashion notes from. Here is a list of habits of highly stylish women that will help you get started.

Don’t browse through fashion blogs and copy the exact outfit label for label

The street style photos are a legit fashion inspiration for most. These people are sent that designer stuff for free that entice you to go and buy it. The truly stylish woman would know what they are drawn to and seek out an alternate low priced piece and get the same vibe. There are numerous stores and online sites that offer affordable items that have designer outfit features.

They can find something amazing almost anywhere

The stylish women step into any store with zero snob factor and still be true to their aesthetic. They will opt for thrift shop or stores like Forever21 and manage to get the stylish pieces at non-sucker prices.

Style according to your own tastes

They are able to style even the vintage pieces into something that makes them look extremely in vogue. Maybe she tucked a pretty old blouse into great fitted jeans. Kept the blouse unbuttoned and rolled up the sleeves. Maybe added a slashing piece of statement earrings that made every piece look chic.

They look less done than others

Highly stylish women are known to look a bit too cool. For instance, they might wear a pair of slip on sneakers when all their girlfriends are on sky high heels. Maybe they go for a classy pantsuit when other women flaunt glittery party dresses.

Labels won’t make you look cooler

The most stylish women know that labels won’t make them look more stylish. They are confident and know that they don’t need overpriced pieces to make them appear cool. They bung on faded gray tee and jeans and still manage to look the coolest in the room because they carry every piece with confidence.

They aren’t fashion-slaves

The most stylish women will have fun with fashion and follow trends without appearing like a fashion slave. If they don’t like a trend they don’t go for it.

Don’t dress to be considered stylish

Women should dress for themselves and the most stylish ones know how. They know what looks good on them and stick to it without trying to grab attention by going for something that won’t suit them. When you are comfortable in what you are wearing you are more confident and in turn look more stylish.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)