Here Are Some Job Search Tips That Can Help You Get The Right Job


While you’re planning to shift from one job to another, instead of jumping into any conclusion, see it as an opportunity to give yourself time to reflect about what you truly want out of life so you can find a job that supports it. Here are five job search tips to help you find a job that complements the life you truly want.

What motivates you?

Before looking for jobs at online job boards, it’s beneficial to understand what truly motivates you. People work to make money or to make a difference or both. 

Once you determine your main motivation for work, it helps you know where to look for employment—nonprofits, corporations or opportunities that offer both such as companies that have core values and beliefs that align with your own. 

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Check your passion

Ask yourself if you are still passionate about the career you’re in. During a job transition, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself if your chosen career is still fulfilling before jumping right back into a job in the same field. If your passion for what you do is lacking, it’s time to create a plan to find another career or create new professional goals for yourself.

Determine what you need

Before beginning your job search, it’s important to identify what is it that you need to be happy in your next position. List out the criteria for your ideal position and then determine what on that list is the most important to you or is non-negotiable. 

While it might not be possible for you to get everything you want, it’s important to get everything you need before committing to another company.

What else can you change to provide what you need out of life?

Since most of us spend more waking time pursuing our careers than anything else in life, what we do every day is critically important to the quality of our life. However, when you reflect on what you truly want out of life, you might discover there are deficits outside of your career you can solve. 

A job change is already a large life transition, but since you have the opportunity to reflect on what’s really important to you because you are faced with a job change, it can open the doors to changing other areas of your life to give you what you need. Similarly, what you assume might be required in your next job might be solved another way. Give yourself the opportunity to consider what’s possible.

Be open and inquisitive

As you begin to determine your next career move, be open to learning about new industries and be proactive about making new connections. 

The more open you are to learning about new opportunities in different industries and environments, the higher the chance you will come across a situation that might be your next ideal move. Oftentimes we reduce our searches to what we have known in the past and are familiar with.

It is important that you don’t hurry and take the time required to make an informed decision that will eventually lead you into a job that is fully satisfying. 

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