Jeans Alternative for the Guy Who Is a Denim Addict


We are always looking to innovate our style, experiment, break the monotony and go the extra mile to look exceedingly stylish. But there are some who are doing it all sticking to their jeans. Everybody loves their denim. But you need to give it some rest. The world of fashion is evolving and you should too.

Let’s take a step back from our jeans addiction and wear bottoms that are similarly comfortable and stylish. Here are cool alternatives to jeans.


For the hot season replace your denim with linen pants. Linens hang smoothly around your waist and are perfect for afternoon outings. They prevent sweat and don’t stick to your body. They comfortably classy and become your summer wardrobe essential.


Wear casual shorts that are not oversized or baggy. Your shorts should be sleek, smart shorts that touch your knee that can be paired with crisp white shirts and cool tees. You can go for pastel or grey colored shorts or even block prints or stripes.


The rustic charm meets the guy next door. This is what you get when you pair comfy khakis with a button-down shirt. These are pants made up of 100% cotton and can be paired with a denim shirt and loafers to appear cooler.


Chinos are made of cotton and synthetic blends that have a cool quotient. These are modern trousers that have slim cuts for the perfect fit. You can get them in different colors or go for the earthy tones. These are lighter compared to washed out jeans that you clearly washed out.

Dress pants

Jeans is totally out of the question when you are going for a formal occasion. But if you still prefer a look that is a little less dressy then dress pants are your best bet. Pair them with a checkered or a polo shirt and your outfit is done.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)