Indian Man’s Guide to Swimsuit


The ability to pick the right swimming trunk for himself is rare in the Indian men. It is not just about the style aesthetic here but it also means choosing the right swimsuit according to his body type. Flapping back flap or short legs appearing shorter or embarrassing bulges a lot can look ugly with a wrong pair by the pool.

No worries here’s your guide to pick the right kind of swimsuit for your body type.

For the beer belly owners

If you are someone who has love handles big belly or saggy back fat then opt for a swimsuit with relaxed elastic waistbands or the ones with elastic at the back and zips front. Don’t go for tight fabrics.

For the fit type

For the guy who loves his morning jogs having sculpted legs, abs and non-weight training body you can embrace your body and actually pick whatever you want. You just have enough muscles rippling out. Go for bold prints, patterns, and colors and even square leg swimsuits or briefs. You should avoid loose or ill-fitted pairs.

For the short jacks

You clearly need something to add height to your torso. So as a thumb rule you need to stick to short to medium length shorts that fit you well. Let the top half shine and the extended length on your bottom half follow. Avoid drawstrings.

For the tall and lean

For the 6 feet and above guys, you have great body length to put to use. Wear short length trunks or shorts to accentuate your legs. Go for prints and patterns to add contrast and to add drama throw on a drawstring.

For the hulks

For the guys who have beastly legs and pumping chest, you need to take a lot of caution while picking the right swimming shorts. Keep your bottoms short because you have the best looking legs to flaunt. However, make sure your shorts feel comfortable to you as you have wider legs.

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