Important Styling Tips Men with Dark Skin Should Know


If you are someone with dark skin then start considering it as a boon. That’s because you can wear bright colors, dress just the usual and still look best. But there are certain ways that can add up to your fashion quotient and bring you to the top.

Here is what you need to keep in mind while dressing up.

Go for sorbet colors

You need to invest in colors such as lemon yellow, peach, and powder blue. Your skin tone needs pastel colors to compliment. The sorbet and pastel colors will make your skin naturally glow and shine.

Get rid of stark colors

Bright hued clothing is a complete no-no for your skin as well as pure white separates. It will look awkward with your brown skin as they’ll have plenty of contrast.

Faded prints are your friend

Go for the washed out faded prints, something that is a bit chalky color. And to pair with it go for a dark shade which will appear really cool.

Summer layer

Summer layering is good for you, however, don’t choose bright colors nor something too subtle but fresh sorbet hue should do the thing. Make sure the second layer is a color that belongs to the same color family as the first piece.

Invest in some quirky socks

For someone with dark skin tone, the trend of eccentric socks is one to embrace. Making apparel choices may be difficult but you can feel free to go for quirky socks.

Find the best color combos

You will have to find certain color combos that will work wonders for you. Warm with cool colors, earthy with white, black and whites are few combos to make things easier for you. You can make quick choices with these color combinations in mind and shopping will become easier for you.

Classic sunnies will do you good

The classic sunnies would go with every single outfit and colors and also ensure less sun damage. If you want to find change reflectors can boost your style.