Important Style Tips for Men Who Are Really Tall


Many assume that tall men have it easy to style their outfit. But it is far from the truth. Even they cant get away with wrongdoings. Most of the tall men, however, know how to dress for their body type. But for men who come in the category of wrongdoings here are 7 ways to style to look the best in your body structure.

Try to break the body up

There is a big advantage of splitting the top and the bottom half of the body. It is because someone looking at your body as two different halves the viewer’s sight is divided into two distinct lines making your height seem flattering.

Go for double-breasted suit

Tall men are generally blessed with a comparatively longer torso which makes them the appropriate candidates for the double-breasted suit. They add a lot of bulk and definition to your body. Also, doesn’t make your body look wider or bigger.

Layer up if you are lean and tall

Layering will bring a lot of depth and focal points to your body distracting your viewers away from your height. No one can pull of pilling on extra layers as good as tall and lean men.


Try experimenting with your shoes so that people start looking you from bottom to top. Keep the attention on your body grounded. But don’t go for something too clown-like.

Complete no to shoulder pads, skinny ties, and suspenders

A bulky and tall guy wouldn’t anyway think of shoulder padding but a tall and thin guy might end up adding big pads to the jacket or suits. However, you shouldn’t try hard on looking bulky if anything just goes for a minimal. Suspenders also add length to your body which again should be kept at a distance same goes for skinny ties.

Go for checks or stripes

Stay away from vertical stripes for sure based on your body type but horizontal stripes aren’t good either. But you can only ascertain the latter in front of the mirror.