Ideas on layering coats and jackets this winter


Capes that are swingy, polished peacoats and sleek toppers appear so stylish but offer so little insulation. However, the industrious puffer keeps you unaffected by cold but also doesn’t do anything good for your figure. Let us take a look at these clever pairings that help build warmth in the winter and not bulk.

Leather jacket under sleeveless coat

The sleeveless coat is the best bet to purchase as it looks extremely chic in summer and fall but in extreme chilly times, you need a leather jacket. Pair the sleeveless coat with a leather jacket and your style quotient goes up like anything.

Leather jacket under a cocoon coat

It promotes the same idea as above, however, keeps you warmer due to the additional sleeves. The finished look is more streamlined and doesn’t look stuffy.

Light down jacket with boucle coat

A light down jacket instantly makes your outer layers winterproof, you know the ones that looked super cute but aren’t any good during the arctic chill.

Belted crop coat with mid-length coat

Two coats ugh sounds like too many clothes. But there’s a fashion term for this look called double coating. When you vary the lengths and keep them in the similar color family you can create an incredible sleek attire.

Jean jacket and wool coat

When you wish to rock a turtleneck in this season try to make it modern by adding unexpected layers such as buttoned-up denim jacket. To top it off and wear a wool overcoat.

Leather jacket with fur vest

If you need an alternative for your turtleneck then go for a leather jacket and fur vest and get a fancier look.

Blazer with suede coat

The recipe for success in dressing for winter lies in a ton of thin layers. With a cozy tee and flannel top, a fitted blazer and a full-length coat will become your favorite because each layer is as perfect as the last.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)