How Women Can Quit Shopping and Still Be Stylish


If you are wondering how you can give up shopping for whatever respective reason then this is a read for you. We are obviously talking a lot about the right things to shop but don’t assume that taking a break from shopping will affect your style in any way. You might be surprised that it may even improve your style.

Before you embark on your shopping cleanse you can take a chance to actually purchase things that you really need. This is to ensure you won’t be cheating while you are in the midst of your shopping cleanse and maybe find yourself in an unrecoverable shopping binge.

Now that you have taken the first step lets take a look at the rest of the method to help you quit purchasing and yet maintain your style.

Resist the Temptation

The best science-backed method to resist temptation is by practicing gratitude, compassion, and love. Didn’t expect that, did you? According to research by David Desteno, Ph.D., the most effective way to curb the impulse to buy is by donating to a worthy cause. You can even think about helping another person and it will increase your ability to control yourself.

Fake a new wardrobe

You will have to repurpose what exists in your closet already by essentially creating or faking a new wardrobe. You need to understand the ways by which you can style your existing pieces, like wearing your button-down shirts backward, wearing your overalls as a pant, wearing your suit jacket as an alternative to the the top, layer your sweater over a turtleneck, or under a dress etc.


Unsubscribe from the various e-tailer’s sites that constantly send you newsletters to tempt you into spending which is their sole purpose. You know you can resubscribe after the shopping cleanse.

Power Pause

It is a simple and practical way to restrict you from spending. The name itself is pretty explanatory. When you spot a thing you are lusting after a pause for 2 hours or for 2 days. You are getting rid of emotional shopping instead of shopping consciously. Instead of purchasing something right away you can pause to later realize that you really did not want or need the item anyway.

Stop the impulsive shopping

This is a trick for you if you fall prey to impulsive buying easily: Think about your wardrobe and what you want it to look like in 6 months or a year and five years. If the piece doesn’t fit into your long-term vision then move on.

You should track what you spend

Write down all of the things you buy. This will help you stay on track of your goals and know the money you are saving by shopping cleanse. Enough incentive?

Curb the emotional shopping

Understand emotional shopping, if you find yourself doing it then make an effort to replace it with a hobby. To not slip up you can ask someone from your family or friends to hold you accountable.

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